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Pierre Bonnard - Click here to view available works.

French, 1867 - 1947Pierre Bonnard

Bonnard was one of the great French Impressionists. Besides being a famous painter, Bonnard was an enthusiastic print maker and he started his career as an illustrator and lithographer. His first poster 'France Champagne' (Bouvet 1) inspired Toulouse-Lautrec to begin making lithographic posters. Bonnard broke away from the established type of poster design by such artists as Cheret and Moucha and brought impressionism to the art. One of his favourite subjects was the female figure, frequently bathing and his wife was the model for most of these paintings and prints.
Bonnard and his friends in the 'Nabis' (Prophets) group were inspired by the bold colours of Gaugin's paintings and this influence was predominant in Bonnard's lithographic work.

Towards the end of his career (1941-3) Bonnard embarked on a remarkable series of eleven colour lithographs with the assistance of Jacques Villon.